Growing lockdown versus future of education

The epidemic, which started early last year, is about to turn two years. People never imagined that people would be virtually stagnant for so long. Weakness towards good fortune is human nature, so people have always hoped that everything will be fine soon, and they have actually passed quite a long period. In the meantime, of course, many precious lives have been lost or are being lost, many people have lost their livelihood. The people of small and medium capital have come to the brink of spending their accumulated money…

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Distribution of student assignments suspended


The Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education has suspended the distribution of student assignments to students from class 6 to class 9 and 2022 SSC examinees due to the ‘strictest lockdown’. The weekly ongoing assignment for students was suspended indefinitely in line with the restrictions announced by the Cabinet Division on Jul 13, according to a notice issued by the directorate, reports The notice asked all regional deputy directors, district education officers, upazila and thana education officers and principals and headteachers to take the necessary measures. Source: The Financial…

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